Quali Referat Bruce Willis

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    • Quali Referat Bruce Willis

      Hallo Leute, ich habe mir mein Quali Referat schon zusammen gestellt, bin mir bei den Zeiten aber immer nicht so sicher, ich hoffe, ihr könnt meine Fehler ausbessern. Ich wäre euch sehr dankbar:) Hier mein Referat :
      Bruce Willis is an American actor, producer and musician. He was born on March the 19 1955 in West Germany. The popular actor has spend his first two years of life in Germany but then he moved with his parents to USA. He and his three little siblings Florence, David and Robert grown up in New Jersey.
      He made acquaintances with actoring already in school - as a therapy because of his stuttering.
      After high school Willis took acting classes at Montclair State Collage and at the same time he worked in a chemistry factory to pay the school.
      He made his first experiences as a actor in New Yorker theaters and as a actor in commercials.
      Mister Willis played the central character in Moonlighting thats good because 3000 other actors competing against him for the position. Moonlighting got a lot of prices like a Emmy and a Golden Globe, but he made the breakthrough with the popular cinema film ,,Die Hard".
      Brule Willis played the Rhole of a Officer, whos called John McClane and the rhole was perfect for Bruce because John McClane is an chilling men who lives only towards his rules and who makes always a good joke and that's why it makes him to an Actionfilm-Star.
      But in 1990 he tried to rid his Action - Image with a comedy which is called ,,Death becomes her".
      In 1994 Willis became a rhole in ,,Pulp Fiction" and he earned a lot of copliments for his achievement. Films like ,,Armageddon", ,,12 Monkeys" and ,,The Fifth Element" are following.

      Bruce Willis married Demi Moore 1987 and had three daughters with her, Rumer, Scout LaRue and Tallulah,before the couple divorced in 2000.
      Since 1995 the three girls stands before the camera , but only when a parent also plays in the film. (For example: Rumer played a rhole with her father in Hostage.)
      Now Bruce is in a marriadge with Emma Heming, a fotomodel and he has expressed interest in having more children.
      2006 Bruce Willis became with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame honoured. He is one of the best paid actors in Hollywood.

      I choosed Bruce Willis for my presentation because he's my favourite actor and Armageddon is my favourite film.