Korektur meines Englischtextes

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    • Korektur meines Englischtextes

      Hallo, schreibe übermorgen eine Englischarbeit und ich bräuchte Hilfe bei der Korrektur meines Englischtextes. Es ist sehr wichtig, da ich nicht gerade eine gute Englischnote habe. Sind bestimmt Ausdruck/Grammtikfehler drin
      Falls noch jemand andere/bessere Argumente hat, wäre nicht schlecht. Danke schonmal an alle, die sich die Mühe machen, das nachzusehen.

      Hier mein Text:

      Nr. 1:
      What are advantages and disadvantages of shopping on the internet? Page 79

      People can buy around the clock. They don’t have to leave their houses and they can do shopping from home.
      Almost all goods are sold also via the Internet now.
      Banking transactions can be settled comfortably from at home.
      The ordered goods are delivered to people's homes .
      For business on the spot (retail selling ?) the sales volume drops because the people always buy more on the Internet.
      When ordered goods are delivered, the people often aren't at home.
      This delays the delivery.
      It must be ensured thus that someone is at home, so that the ordered goods can be delivered. In the end I would like to say that also credit card fraud and account fraud in the Internet increase.

      Nr. 4
      In what way is the consumer protected against advertising and spending money? (p. 86)

      Consumers can be protected only if there are laws, which protect them.
      Advertisement promises more than it holds. People buy goods and are disappointed when they are supplied.
      A law (1977) in England gave consumers the right to get their money back in full, if they had not signed a receipt.

      Nr. 3
      What qualities should an applicant for Camp Florida have? And how could an applicant benefit from it? (page 85)

      Camp Florida is a job agency that finds suitable young people from all over the world to work in American summer camps for nine weeks.
      - They must have the following qualities:
      - They must be able to deal well with children and other persons
      - They must be fully fit, because the work is arduous.
      - They must be ready for cooking and cleaning.
      - They must be ready to become acquainted with the culture of a strange country.
      The applicants have the chance to learn a lot there .. They improve their self-assurance and personal independence. These are qualities which employers are always looking for.
      The costs of the flight from Germany are taken over. The applicants receive a generous pocket money and after the Camp they can remain/stay for another 6 weeks in the USA and in Canada

      Nr. 6
      6. What are pros and cons of globalization? Who are the winners and who are the losers? (cf. pages 88, 91)

      The individual markets of the world grow together to a large market.
      For the enterprises globalization is naturally also a benediction. It is now possible for them to get raw materials from all over the world and that at favourable prices. The advantages are the much shorter transportation times as compared to former times.
      The winners are the large companies
      The losers are the employees in the large industrial nations.
      In addition, the losers are the employees in the cheap wage countries, because they are needed?. They get a low payment.
    • They don’t have to leave their houses and they can do shopping from home.

      meines verständnisses ist der zusatz nach dem and redundant
      can be protected only if there are laws

      und hier auch:
      A law (1977) in England gave

      can only be protected; weiss nicht ob law countable ist
      - They must be able to deal well with children and other persons

      ich würde and other ppl schreiben. wa meinst du mit deal well?
      The winners are the large companies
      The losers are the employees in the large industrial nations.

      besser (und ohne interpunktionsfehler): While large companies win, employees in industrial nations lose.

      .. was mir grad so aufgefallen is.. wünsch dir viel glück für die arbeit
    • Korrektur meines Textes

      ich habe auch einen Text der bitte bitte mal korriegiert werden muss. Da ich hier neu bin schreibe ich meines einfach mit hier rein, ich hoffe es ist ok. DANKE

      Thema: Time is Money

      The phrase 'Time is money' is very commonly used now a days and is very true when seen in the present scenarios and the current state of the society and the market as a general example. The economic shifts in terms of up's and down's are seen very drastically everyday.

      The economic shift and the stock market value increase and decrease are now seen to be seen basically dependent on the functionalities and the various working prowess of the people associated with the company. Where every employee contributes a huge sum towards the development of the company and this helps in the understanding of the fact that every single moment the employee works in the company contributes if not a large sum but at least a little sum for the development of the company and thus contributing a sum and thus can be said that every moment contributes a sum and thus the term -time is money.

      Apart from this example various other more commonly associated examples too can be given where it can be said that every single moment of hard work if not presently but definitely pays in the long run and thus every moment is precious and thus the term money is a measure of time or a penny saved is a penny earned is very apt with the father of all these terms that is 'time is money'.

      Ist mein Text so okay? Vielen Dank schon mal.
    • Oder doch besser dieser Text? Ich bin mir so unsicher deshalb habe ich gleich nochmal einen geschrieben.

      Time is very precious. It is the most valuable thing in this world. Once it is lost, it is lost forever and can never be regained. Our success or failure in life depends on the right use of time. A student who makes good use of his time will have no difficulty in passing an exam.

      One who has wasted his time, and not studied, will not be able to pass in spite of being clever. In an office, a worker who makes full use of his time to do good work, will be much appreciated. He will receive promotions. Idle employees, who just waste time will receive no promotions. They cannot come up in life. So our success or failure depends on the right use of time.

      People have become famous and rich by making good use of time. Research workers and scientists use their time to improve the lot of human beings. By making proper use of their time, they become famous. So also merchants and professionals, who work hard, make a lot of money. They know how to make good use of their time.

      Knowing how precious time is we should never waste time, but make good use of it.
    • Moin,

      ich habe deine Frage gesehen und wollte somit meine Meinung teilen. Sicherlich hast du schon eine Korrektur bekommen, aber weil das mich an meine Erfahrung erinnert hat, will ich anderen auch Helfen.

      Eine Korrektur kann doch von einem Übersetzer gemacht werden und ich habe sehr gute Erfahrung mit Viking-Übersetzungen gemacht. Da habe ich eine Dänisch Übersetzung bekommen und kann sagen, dass ich mit den Endresultaten ganz zufrieden war. Der Preis war auch Hammer und neben Dänisch bieten sie auch Übersetzungsdienste von Englisch, Niederländisch, Flämisch und weitere.

      Hoffe, dass ich jemandem hilfreich war und liebe Grüße! :)