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      As per usual, the fashions on display were leaps and bounds from anything you’d find at your local Victoria’s Secret store–think Halloween costume-ish bedazzled red skull shoulder protectors, the famed angel wings, and, of course, the fantasy bra, which this year cost $2 million, took 1,500 hours to craft, and was worn by Adriana Lima (below), who also opened the show walking out of a case filled with ballet dancers.Adriana Lima walks the runway in the $2 million Bombshell Fantasy BraKaty Perry performsI have to wonder whether the bulk of the demographic that watches the Victoria’s Secret annual show is actually the demographic that shops at the brand’s stores. The zooming in on the models’ chests and the overly excited “bubbly family” atmosphere portrayed in the backstage footage– when most of us are keenly aware of how cut-throat the modeling industry is– seemed aimed at men and overly-idealistic women. That said (and not to sound too cynical), perhaps idealistic women and men are the only ones who might Golden Goose just believe that one could come close to looking like Adriana Lima, who admitted to working out two hours a day while subsisting on a virtually carbohydrate-free diet before the show, just by slipping on a Victoria’s Secret bra.
      People often ask me how, with all of my responsibilities, I find time to work Golden Goose Ball Starout, to which I always say, it’s not about finding time, it’s about Golden Goose 2.12 Sneakers MAKING time. In tandem with that, water is an incredibly important part of my diet and I just recently found out that the best water grows on trees, so coconut water is now on my list of beauty essentials, along with Aquaphor Lip Balm and Dr. Lancer products.
      But lip art creation doesnt stop with the clever use of lipsticks, liners and glosses. Fans of the trend can get pretty crafty, using everything from decals and rhinestones to glitter and sprinkles to draw attention to their mouths. Its a beauty phenomenon worth checking out if only to appreciate the creativity and care that goes into Golden Goose Francy Sale executing such stunning looks.
      I think he was a little pretentious to Golden Goose May Sneakers Sale think that he could show this in Paris, if this had been in NYFW I think people wouldnt bash as much. I think people had high expectations since its being shown in Paris and he didnt live up to that.” [fantastical]“Not as bad as I was expecting but not great either. I cant help but feel he doesnt have a perspective to offer on womenswear.